Uganda hails Ahmadiyya Muslims

Uganda Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, right, meets with Ahmadiyya global Leader Hazrat Mira Masroor Ahmed, left, during the Ahmadiyya convention in Hampshire United Kingdom.

By James Mututa

HAMPSHIRE, United Kindom, Uganda government has commended Ahmadiyya Muslim Community for their quest for peace, tolerance and love for humanity values that define religious practice. According to Uganda Vice President Edward Sekandi, the community is peaceful and developmental minded unlike other Muslims fundamentalists like Isis, terror rebel groups, who promote violence including extrajudicial killings.

“The world today is faced with challenges of violence terrorism, radicalism, sectarian, armed conflicts and hatred based prejudices. I commended Ahmadiyya Muslim Community  Convention which provides an opportunity to reflect on global challenges and identify mitigating factors to face the future with renewed hope,” he said.

Speaking at the 50 Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in Guild field Hampshire county in United Kingdom Ssekandi also applauded the community for promoting justice globally.

Need for peace and justice transcends religious, ethnic and ideological boundaries, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community have exhibited tolerance, love and care despite being victims of religious intolerance and persecution in some parts of the World, Ssekandi noted.

He called upon all religious and charity organisations in the world to preserve and protect world peace, by doing more for the less fortunate and the suffering, promote reconciliation and consensus.

Ssekandi said various parts of the world lack genuine peace, which is a prerequisite for development and transformation. “Uganda is championing peace in the region because it has learned from her turbulent past the value for peace and security, which he said come with a price and sacrifice.”

Uganda has the largest number of African Union troops in Somalia fight Al-Shababu terrorists linked ti Isis terror groups in Syria.

He pledged Uganda government commitment to work with the Ahmadiyya Community, who since 1935 has shown commitment to provide safe water, health and education services to supplement efforts of the government in addressing the development challenges facing the population.

He also commended the leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Hazrat Mira Masroor Ahmed for promoting world peace and called for inter-faith dialogue solidarity of the different religious communities in the world, if good is to overcome evil.




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