Avoid divisive politics – Museveni


RAKAI DISTRICT – President Museveni has cautioned district and youth leaders that they must stick to the NRM ideology, which emphasizes politics of mobilization, discussion and agreement as opposed to politics of threat and violence to the people.

“When you see those that threaten violence against the people, you know that they have the wrong ideology. You must be different. I advise the NRM leaders to report these criminals to police,” he said.

The President who is also the NRM Party Presidential candidate was Thursday, December 24th 2020 addressing a scientific campaign meeting with district leaders from Lyantonde, Kyotera and Rakai at Rwamagwa Town Council Grounds, Rakai district.

President Museveni tasked the leaders to educate and sensitize the people on the need to shift from working for their stomachs to working for their pockets, adding that this would improve on both their food security and household income.

Museveni urged leaders to desist from divisive politics and focus on helping solve the needs of the people.

“It is politically suicidal for you to practice politics of division. The parties that tried this ended up with patched governments that never lasted for two years because they eventually tore up,” he said.

On agriculture, President Museveni said leaders must sensitize farmers on the need to focus on value addition for their crops so that they can widen their market and get much better profits from their produce.

“There are crops like maize which are farmed in plenty here but people need to know that they can get other products from maize such as starch, chicken feeds etc which fetch even better money,” he said.

To the youths, President Museveni advised them to always first consider the market before choosing a project to focus on. He reiterated that this would help in maximizing profits from these projects.

In a joint memorandum presented by Honorable Kasolo Haruna, the State Minister for Micro Finance and the NRM flag bearer for Kyotera, the people of Rakai asked government for an industrial park in the region. He reiterated that the region had land in Sango bay that could be used if only the President would get for them investors.

He assured the President of massive support from the three districts in the forth coming 2021-2026 presidential elections.

Robert Mugabi Benon, the Chairman of NRM in Rakai district appreciated President Museveni for the road equipment that had widen their road networks and requested for an excavator to tarmac the roads, as their soils were very soft.

The chairman further requested for more funding to buy equipment such as insecticide pumps for the youth agricultural enterprises in order to boost their yield and improve on the quality of their agricultural projects.

Mr. Semwanga Javilah the LCI chairman from Rakai district, Rwamagwa subcounty, thanked President Museveni for the immunization program, education for the less privileged like him, and noted that now the people are able to write, read and understand and connect with global trends.

He appreciated President Museveni for the sacrifice that he made to the country and encouraged other youths to follow the NRM ideology if they wished to transform and develop the country.

In the their joint Memorandum, the youth chairman for NRM from Rakai greater region, Allan Nsasira requested the President to fund youth led projects including for poultry, youth skilling and carpentry that benefit youths at all levels.


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