Bank of Uganda the country' treasury

By Vanguard Reporter
KAMPALA – Government has directed Uganda’ embassies and high commissions to set up investment projects to meet some of their expenses. According Mr Nobert Kinobe, Uganda’ Ambassador to D.R. Congo, the initiative is expected to raise money for salaries that this in the always delayed.
“Ministry of Foreign Affairs should not only be a consuming ministry but also generate revenue that can be sent back the treasury. We now have annual budgets to build offices and houses for our accommodation,” he told East African Vanguard reporter January 5th, 2021.
Kinobe hailed the initiative saying it is to improve Uganda’ image abroad that has not been so rosy with dilapidated buildings.
He called his colleagues abroad to welcome the initiative is to secure Uganda’ future.
Recently government trained its officials at its missions abroad to boost trade between Uganda and the rest of the world.


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