Kenyans grabs Somalia business as Ugandans asleep


By Hussein Hassan

With the prevailing political stability, Somalia which had long been ravaged by war is more hopeful than for many years. There are now greater chances than for quite some time for Somalia to take the path towards long-term peace and stable state-building. Investor confidence is growing, and new opportunities for business are emerging across Somalia.

The Somali diaspora have been key drivers of this development, and will continue to have an important role in supporting economic regeneration. The recent positive developments also provide opportunities for other investors who have not earlier operated in the Somali market.

The investment opportunities in Somalia have been summarized according to sectors in agriculture, animals and fisheries, energy, real estate, health, finance, education, tourism, transport information, communication and telecommunication.

As Somali Community in Uganda, were are grateful to the Uganda People’ Defense Forces who were first deployed as troops under AMISOM into Somalia in March 2007. So far, Uganda has provided all AMISOM Force Commanders with the recent outgoing being w Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti was replaced by Lt. Gen. Silas Ntigurirwa from Burundi.

The Ugandan contingent remains the largest contingent in AMISOM with over 6,000 troops based in Sector 1 which comprises of Banadir (Mogadishu), Middle and Lower Shabelle regions has ushed in peace we as Somali national enjoy.

I have made several visits to Mogadishu, Somali capital and one can see redevelopment and peace. I am always confortable to sleep in hotels that are under control of UPDF, not because other places are unsafe, but just of that trust I have in the force.

When you walk around the city, you realize most businesses and the work force dominated by foreigners are Kenyans and Ethiopians. When you look at hotels, most them are manned by Kenyans and Ethiopians. Even domestic workers, it’s the same two nationalities.

They are not social like Ugandans who have not taken advantage of the businesses opportunities.

We should not take the excuse of Covid-19 pandemic; let Ugandans business community seize the business openings in the Horn of Africa. I can connect those willing to trade with their Somali counterparts.

President Yoweri Museveni has referred to some Ugandans as having no business spectacles and always sleeping. As Uganda prepares to celebrate its 58th anniversary on October 9th, 2020, if at all some of you have been sleeping, please wakeup.  Let us develop our two sister countries together and bring more light to the so called Africa, the dark continent.

Uganda exported Somalia US$1.24 Million in 2018, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade. In the same year, Kenya exported to Somalia US$148.79 Million.


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