NUP coordinator reveals planned riots after elections

National Unity Platform’s (NUP) National Coordinator Kabenge, left with President Museveni, right at State House Entebbe January 12th, 2021. (PPU PHOTO)

STATE HOUSE, ENTEBBE – The National Unity Platform’s (NUP) National Coordinator for Boda boda riders Mr. Abdul Kabenge who has revealed a long organized plan of the Boda Boda riders in the country under their umbrella “Freedom Boda” to riot during and after elections with an aim of destabilizing Uganda.

“We had organized massive riots after elections, which would cause mayhem in the country with Boda Boda taking the lead,” Mr. Kabenge said in a meeting he held with the President.

After sensing foreign interests and support for the riots, Mr. Kabenge said, the group decided to abort and stop the plans to protect their country. 

“We decided to protect our country from foreigners who were planning to use the riots to loot our country by revealing this mega plan and abandoning it,” he said.

In a press statement issued by State House January 12th, 2021, the group (Freedom Boda) with over 600 members after abandoning the plans encouraged any of the presidential candidates who may disagree with the outcome of the election to go and riot from the courts of law by filing a case, instead of rioting on streets which may cause destruction of properties.

“We canceled plans to riot. We now encourage all our members and the people of Uganda to go and vote, after going back home and watch the proceedings on TV. Those with grievances after elections should go to court not streets” 

The Freedom Boda group, according to its national coordinator Mr. Kabenge Abdul last week met with the Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda, together with the NRM National Vice Chairman Hon. Moses Kigongo who counseled them by showing how dangerous their plans was.

The leaders explained to the youth that the government has put funds, like the Youth Fund, Women Fund, Emyooga and other programmes that they can engage in and develop themselves. 

President Museveni also recently met with a group of young people from NUP coming from the Ghetto who had similar plans like the one of Freedom Boda.

The President re-affirmed that nobody will destabilize Uganda and whoever tries will regret it.

Mr. Museveni called for peace as Ugandans go to the polls on the 14th of January 2021 to decide their leaders for the next five years. 


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