Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje

By Vanguard Reporter

KAMPALA – Muslims have tabled their demands to President Yoweri Museveni as he embarks on his sixth term in office having sworn on May 12th. Mufuti Shaban Mubaje called on President Museveni to reconcile with the opposition.

“Let them be released, let them enjoy their freedom with their families,” Sheikh Mubajje said.

He also asked security to pardon boda boda cyclists who had been arrested or whose motorcycles had been impounded for allegedly violating curfew hours. 

Kalif Mohamid, the Vice Chairman Somali Community in Uganda hailed the government for hosting refugees and called for the brotherly spirit to continue.

“Ugandans are not prohibitive towards refugees like other countries, we are treated like Ugandans. We request for this policy to continue until Somalia settles,” he said. Adding, “President Museveni has proved that he is a role model leader in Africa and the rest of the world. We request that he extends his model of governance to our country. Talk of parastatal management, local governance system, training of army and police among others. We wish him a prosperous term in office.”

Managing director,  Al-Malik Group, Azhar Malik decried high taxes and requested government to consider reduction.

“Some businesses may close to high taxes; we are willing to pay tax but it should not swallow our business,” he said. 

Kampala Mayor Elias Lukwago urged the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government to respect human rights, ensure poverty alleviation, mechanization of agriculture and better pay for civil servants.  

Head of Tablique sect of Muslims Sheikh Muhamed Kawaya called for equal distribution of the national cake. 

“We congratulate President Yoweri Museveni for another term in office. Leadership comes from God, and its only God that knows when he (Museveni) will leave power. Does eyeing his position should wait for five years; we should not be fighting with fellow brothers and uncles. However I call on the President to tackle the increasing corruption that has stifled the economy,” he said. Adding, “There is still rampant land grabbing, high taxes and unemployment. We need to see action not just talking.” He said Muslims should be given key positions in government, especially the new cabinet. 

Kawaya also called for rural electrification and water supply. 

“In some rural areas, animals share water points with human beings, a health risk,” he added. He said agriculture extension services are still needed to boost household production if Uganda is to achieve the desired middle income status. 

Masaka District Kadhi Twaha Bugembe called on President Museveni to reunite Muslims. 

Mukono District Kadhi Sheikh Abdul Kakande urged the government to provide family planning services for better lifestyle. 

Sheikh Yunus Kamoga suggested, “to deter corruption, any one who gets bribed should also be punished.   We should not focus on the one who takes a bribe. The two parties must face the law equally. Those in public offices must be prohibited from serving government for not less than ten years,” he said.


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