No Somali Refugees in Uganda Died from Starvation and COVID19

Somali tailor on her machine recently.

By Godfrey Olukya

KAMPALA – Somali Community Association in Uganda has denied press reports of vulnerable Somali refugees starving and dying from COVID19 due to lack of attention and support from Uganda government and fellow countrymen.

According to the Vice chairman, Khalis Muhammad, no Somali refugee has died due to COVID19 lock down.

“It is a fact that like any other people, we faced with lack of food but not to the extent of death,” he said. Adding, “The press reports are aimed at spoiling the good relationship with Uganda government.”

The press reports say one of them, name withheld said that at least 10 Somali refugees have died from starvation and COVID19 in the last two weeks because they cannot get help from the Uganda government and their fellow nationals.

On June 6th 2021 Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni announced a total lockdown in the East African country due to the then increasing rate of COVID19 infection in the country.

 According to the latest information from the ministry of health in Uganda, the cumulative number of COVID19 cases in the country is 87,277 with 3,104 deaths so far and 61,304 recoveries.


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