Chinese Cultural Traditions Fair At Kololo

KOLOLO – Members of the Chinese community in Uganda will be joined by thousands of Ugandans to celebrate this year’s Chinese Spring Festival Temple Fair at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds in Kampala on Sunday, 28th January 2024.

The first ever Chinese folk custom fair, also known as the temple fair, was first held in 2020. The Chinese in Uganda use the temple fair to remind themselves of Chinese culture and traditions.

The temple fair showcases Chinese cultural performances like Kungfu and dances. They are joined by their Ugandan counterparts.

The temple fair is also a platform for the Chinese in Uganda to exhibit Chinese products and cuisines.

In 2020, Zhong Shuangquan, a Chinese investor in Uganda told Xinhua in an interview that holding the fair was important for the youthful Chinese who are overseas.

He said the fair helps to remind the youths born or studying overseas to cherish their traditional culture.

“Our culture is that no matter where you are, you will always go back home and gather with your family and celebrate the lunar New Year,” Zhong said.